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Review Film "Surival Family"

Review Film “Survival Family” by Fattah
Kami diminta oleh salah satu mentor kami, yang kami sering panggil kak Opal, Film di mana satu bernama keluarga “Suzuki” berisi 4 orang (Orang tua, dua anak, satu pria mahasiswa satu wanita SMA). Mereka tinggal di Tokyo, Jepang. Jepang di mana hampir semua orang mengandalkan teknologi untuk berhidup.
Keluarga ini bisa dibilang melupakan masa dulu di mana tidak ada teknologi sama sekali. SPOILER SEDIKIT di scene pertama, di mana kami melihat keluarga ini dapet ikan dan sayuran dari seorang pemancing yaitu kakeknya. Kakeknya pula juga sedang menelefon anak perempuannya sang ibu dari keluarga tersebut. Sang ibu memberi teleponnya ke anak perempuan, biar kakeknya bisa mengobrol dengan cucunya. Tetapi anak perempuan itu menolak Memang Cucu Durhaka. Setelah ibu dan kakeknya selesai menelefon, ibunya mau mencoba memotong ikan yang didapatkannya, tetapi beliau tidak bisa. Dia meminta tolong suaminya, dia juga tidak bisa. Dan waktu anak2 mereka melihat sayu…

Journal 23rd February

23rd February

I woke up at 6:35AM, this day I actually wanted to go to Comifuro, but I got too tired because I rode my bicycle for 34km and decided it will best just to go tomorrow. And decided to spend my Saturday researching more about bicycle parts.

And spend my noon to afternoon just sleeping. And the evening I realized I haven't done IELTS. So I quickly did my IELTS, discussed it with my group. And the rest of the day I played PUBG with my friends

Journal 21st February

Journal 21st

I woke up at 05:00AM, sleep again until 07:30AM. After that I took a shower, because today my parents has a meeting at Jakarta. And because we rarely go outside, we also went hunting for a bike box for me. Me and my mom already targeted for a certain brand called B&W. When we got there, we immediately asked where is the B&W bike box. We found it. There was another bike box brand called Fyrlyt. Eventhough my family loves German brands, my father likes Fyrlyt because it is more secured. But if I'm going to be honest, I really want the most expensive brand which is called Alan. Eventhough the price is 4 million more than the B&W. So I didn't really want it because too expensive.

After that, we're going to my mom's meeting place. But me and my dad are just going to drop her. Because after that I went to Pondok Indah Mall to Asics, to test my feet if it's flat, or not. But from that test as well, that feet has different style of running. my left …

Journal 18th Febuary

18th Febuary

Back to Monday. My least favourite day, but still need to be motivated. Today I only did my normal chores, and finally went back to swimming. I was a bit happy and a bit lazy to do swimming, but I need to improve my triathlon abilities. So I decided to push myself to the limit when I did my swimming course. And the rest I ate dinner, played some PUBG and did this journal

Journal 17th Febuary

17th Febuary

This Sunday was a bit relaxing. My mom and her friends came again to learn something, while I rode my new bicycle to my now near circuit Sentul. Not what I expected though. Because there were no sports cars.

I was supposed to guard the kids, but my body decided to play games and sleep. I woke up when all of them are gone. And I continue my playing games. Took a shower, ate dinner. played Pubg some more and now doing this journal

Journal 16th Febuary

16th Febuary

I woke up at 07:30AM, I was making my bed, and was preparing for Agora. Until I remembered that today my mom's friends are coming over. So I quickly took a shower so I could get away. Sadly one of them met me, the good thing is, only one met me. So at 09:00AM I left the house to go to Agora.

I was really late. I got there at 10:40AM which is 40 minutes late. I've been late for 3 weeks in a row, and I kinda hate myself. We went through like a normal meeting, and after that the EXCOs are having a meeting for the debate and speech competition.

After that I went home to Bogor, I was a bit sleepy. To be honest I really don't want to sleep on the train because I was afraid that something that was mine will be stolen. But luckily nothing happened to me.

After I got home, I went to my uncle's house with my parents. Because my family is planning to do something that I really don't know.

They ended the meeting at 21:14PM. All of us went home, and when I got to m…

Journal 15th Febuary

15th Febuary

This was a interesting day. Most of it was about my car so enjoy.

Today I woke up at 8:00AM, only did one chore which is cleaning the car because today is the day which I'm going to get a new bike. At 9:00AM me and my parents left the house to go to sepeda98 which is in the middle of Jakarta. But sadly my car broke down, well it didn't stop, but the temperature of the engine is heating up. So my dad decided to stop at a parking lot.

The trouble was the radiator hose. My dad called a mechanic already, but because it's Jum'at, the mechanic can't go to us instantly and said they will arrive at 14:00PM. So me and my mom decided to go to sepeda98 first.

We went there by grab, and interestingly the grab driver was from Serang, Banten. We know this because the plate number. When we arrived, I quickly went to the one that I searched online. It was in ok condition but it wasn't the one I was looking for. Because it was a shop as well, I looked for bicycle s…

Journal 14th Febuary

14th Febuary
Valentine's day would be fun if you have a relationship. Sad if you don't have one. Well for me, I don't have one, but luckily I was a bit happy because today I can work on the journal for yesterday, today i don't have anything to do, my swimming course's pool was being washed, I actually wanted to search for bicycles but i woke up a bit too late and there was ganjil/genap. So I stayed at my house doing laundry, washing the dishes, learn, and because I didn't went searching for bikes, I researched more about bikes.
Suddenly my parents wanted to start eliminating choices for bikes. Because they said that tomorrow we'll go searching for bicycles. The good thing is that I've already looked for bicycles so I just gave the choices that I like, and at night at 18:00PM I already made up my decision. Eventhough the bike was missing one thing, the pedal. It's still has some good specifications.
I ate dinner, search for more bicycle related stuff…

Journal 13th of Febuary

13th of Febuary

I woke up at 6:30 and instantly went outside because yesterday my mom asked me to wash the car. At first i actually didn't want to do it because today is Pramuka opening ceremony in Rumah Inspirasi. I don't want to be late, but I always remember my favourite youtuber sayings. "Entering a car is like entering a mosque" It needs to be clean. Because who doesn't like clean stuffs? So I washed the car starting from the glass because I don't want to scratch it, to the body, and end it off to the wheels. When I finished drying the car, I went inside and look at the clock. 07:30 the time that me and my parents actually should leave the house. Oh no I'm going to be late. GREAT! I have a little faith on my route that i will be going because me and my parents are going on toll Jagorawi. For me the best road quality that Indonesia has.
We were supposed to leave the house at 7:30 but it turns out we left at 8:10. The toll road was clear free of traffi…